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Freezing Asparagus for the Winter!

May 09, 2019
You can pickle or can asparagus for the winter, but I am much much too lazy for such things.  I'll freeze asparagus as it takes next to no effort. It's...

Sue's Fiddlehead or Asparagus Pasta

May 09, 2019
You have to love our customers.  They love food and cooking as much as I do, and they SHARE their recipes!! Here is Sue's fiddlehead pasta Sue’s Fiddlehead Pasta 2...

Asparagus Chevre Toast...an easy party pleaser

May 09, 2019
Grill your local asparagus as per my "Asparagus on the BBQ" recipe. Take one sliced ciabatta loaf from our bakery. Brush one side of the ciabatta with grape seed oil. ...
May 09, 2019

New Potatoes any way is the right way

New Potatoes, boiled and fried Oh yum. New potatoes have a very high moisture content so they won't make a good baked potato. This is one of the many things...
May 09, 2019

Morel Mushrooms

Morel Mushrooms They look unappetizing and smell like fish. Why on earth would anyone want to eat them. -Because they taste really really good, that's why. morels are wild harvested...
May 09, 2019


Always remember to wash your fiddleheads well, and to cook your until fork tender. Raw or under cooked fiddle heads can lead to some massive stomach upset... Just ask my...
May 09, 2019

How to roast your free ranged chicken.

Chicken from Crampton’s Every summer we take pre orders for free ranged chickens that are ready in the fall.  These birds take a full summer of running round outside to...
May 09, 2019

Recipes from Crampton's Market!

You have found it!  Tired of scribbling down those recipes that we post in the store on the back of your paper bread bag?  No more!  All you have to...
May 03, 2019

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