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Freezing Asparagus for the Winter!

May 09, 2019
You can pickle or can asparagus for the winter, but I am much much too lazy for such things.  I'll freeze asparagus as it takes next to no effort. It's...

Sue's Fiddlehead or Asparagus Pasta

May 09, 2019
You have to love our customers.  They love food and cooking as much as I do, and they SHARE their recipes!! Here is Sue's fiddlehead pasta Sue’s Fiddlehead Pasta 2...

Asparagus Chevre easy party pleaser

May 09, 2019
Grill your local asparagus as per my "Asparagus on the BBQ" recipe. Take one sliced ciabatta loaf from our bakery. Brush one side of the ciabatta with grape seed oil. ...
May 09, 2019

Spaghetti Squash on the grill

Right now we have fabulous small dark yellow spaghetti squash in the store.   Though you can bake, steam or roast these squashes, I love to throw them on the bbq....
May 09, 2019

Butternut Squash Soup

The butternut is the squash with a booty.  It has a long body that ends in a big round bum that makes it easy to distinguish from other squash.  ...
May 09, 2019

Acorn squash with chile lime vinaigrette

I must admit, I used to think that acorn squash was boring, dull, bland, the lesser of all the squash.  Then I tried this recipe from, fed it to...
May 09, 2019

Simply spaghetti squash.

Those little dark yellow spaghetti squash that we have in store right now are AMAZING. To prepare simply. Wash your squash.  Pierce in 3-4 places. Place in microwave and cook...
May 09, 2019

Winter Squash Agro dolce

1 2lb kabocha squash, peeled and seeded, cut into 1” wedges 2 small delicatta squash, seeded, cut into 1.5” wedges 2 tbsp olive oil Sea salt and pepper ¾ cup...