Marketing, Social Media, Events planner

Why you want to work at Crampton’s Market

Crampton’s Market and T&T Seeds need a full time, year round Marketing and events planning professional.  

Could that be you?

You have experience in marketing, photography, managing social media accounts as well as planning, marketing, coordinating and executing events from set up to tear down.  You have a casual, easy writing style with a dash of humour and sass.

But you are also a foodie who has a background that includes gardening and agriculture.

You know about food and you cook.  Not just sometimes. But for almost every meal.  You know how to open your fridge, pull out ingredients whip up a meal in under 30 minutes.  And you come by it honestly, because your parents and grandparents probably cooked too. You’ve baked bread from scratch for fun. You can host an impromptu meal for 10 without breaking a sweat. Because you think that cooking for people is fun.

You garden.  Not just one tomato plant in a pot.  You have a patch of garden at your grandparents farm, have rented space in a community garden, have ripped up your back lawn to plant carrots or experiment with permaculture, spin or lasagna gardening.  You have started seeds in your house to transplant plants outside when the season is right. You know which veggies are ready first in the garden. You celebrate that first handful of arugula. That first ripe tomato.  That first raspberry that you pick before the birds got it.

You have a compost bin.  You’ve considered raising chickens in your backyard.

At Crampton’s Market and T&T Seeds we celebrate getting dirt under your nails, growing a kitchen garden, enjoying local foods in their season, the sensual experience of cooking, eating, sharing and preserving food.  

We are quickly growing companies that need someone with the above skill set and experience (a very special person) to take on our marketing, social media and events planning, coordination and execution.   We need someone who believes that gardening and local food is important and exciting. A very special person with a very special skill set with a very positive upbeat attitude.

Come join the party.

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