General Food Box Questions

  • Can I make payments instead of paying in full?

    All food boxes are paid in full up front.

    Why is my box fuller some weeks more than others?

    Your weekly food box is the same dollar amount of produce each week. It’s based on the dollar value of the items. Some items ie: lettuce, takes up more space than a head of cauliflower but may be a lower price point.

    Will there be fruit in my box?

    Our food box is primarily a vegetable produce box.

    Is there a limit on how many boxes you can sell?

    Yes, we have a limit of 200 food boxes to sell. 2021 was a sellout so don’t delay, buy yours today!

    What if the boxes sell out before I purchase mine?

    Please call the market at (204) 269-3355 and ask to be added to our waitlist. If by chance any come available we will give you a call!

    Benefits of being a Summer Food Box Member

    Besides getting fresh local, organic and spray free produce from the farmers field every week you also get email communication with links to a weekly blog post on the items you receive in your box along with product education on each item inside your box. 

  • What does a typical Tuesday look like during Summer Food Box?

    Greenhouse grown vs Field grown

    Sometimes we receive items like herbs or cherry tomatoes that are greenhouse grown. Greenhouses rely on sunlight and grow in a controlled environment unlike field grown where produce is at the mercy of our changing environment. 

    What if I have an allergy or food intolerance?

    We will exclude anything you have an intolerance with from your food box however, we are unable to provide any substitutions for those items. 

    Do you have a protein box?

    We do not have a protein box, however you can pick up grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free protein from our freezer at the market or add it online to your delivery.

    What day do we find out what’s coming in our food box?

    Every Friday you receive an email that will list the items in your upcoming box.

    Pickup & Delivery Questions

    When can I pick up my food box?

    • Tuesday 4 pm - 7 pm
    • and Wednesday 9 am - 7pm

    If I choose delivery, what time will my food box be delivered?

    Deliveries are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    • Tuesday's deliveries will be between 3 pm - 9 pm
    • Wednesday deliveries will be between 12 pm - 5 pm

    The first week or two it may arrive later while we get used to the routes.

    Can I get delivery for some weeks and pickup for some weeks?

    You either choose delivery or pick up, not a combination of both.

    What if my box is being delivered to an apartment/condo or business?

    Our delivery driver will call when they arrive. If no one answers or the business is closed the box will be left at the front door. With 100+ deliveries, we plan the best route for all customers. We cannot guarantee a specific time for delivery.

    We ask if customers will not be home during the delivery window to leave a cooler outside for use to put their box into.

    Customers can leave there empty Crampton's box outside and we will pick it up when we deliver the full box

    What happens if I go on holidays and have to miss a week or more?

    If you are a pick up customer, you can either have a friend or family member pick up your box for you at the market. If you get your box delivered, it will be delivered to your home for a friend or family member to receive. If you don’t have anyone available to receive your box it will be donated to Bear Clan Wednesday evening.

    Produce Questions

    Why are there holes in some of my greens?

    Kale, arugula and other crops in the broccoli family are a favourite food for a common garden pest, the flea beetle. Typically, organic vegetable producers and gardeners can successfully mitigate the damage caused by these pests by using either natural occurring, biological sprays or physical barriers like floating row covers. However, in Manitoba it is increasingly difficult to protect organic and spray free vegetable crops from damage due to the prevalence of canola. Canola is also in the broccoli family, and it's dominance in the landscape has led to a imbalance in the flea beetle populations. That's why, no matter how hard our farmers try, you'll have to learn to appreciate perforated kale from time to time. A few holes in your produce (especially greens) are a very telltale sign that it's organic.

    Why is there dirt on some of my produce?

    Real food grows in soil. Simply wash and enjoy! 

    Why are there so many greens in the early months of the food box program?

    At certain times throughout the program you will see lots of delicious greens in your box. This is because everything in this box is local from our farmers and that is what they are producing a lot of at the beginning of summer. We will add suggestions of how to use your greens in your weekly emails. 

    What’s the difference between spray-free and organic?

    Organic produce is certified, that means that it’s inspected by a 3rd party to ensure that the farm is following national organic guidelines. Spray-free is not certified, however it means their produce is not being sprayed with chemicals. We build relationships with all our Food Box farmers who work hard to bring us delicious food all summer long.