Crampton's Cares

With your help Crampton’s Cares can help solve food waste in Manitoba!

Crampton’s Cares is a program that pays farmers to harvest excess or imperfect fruits and vegetables. Normally imperfect produce is left on the field to rot then gets tilled in to the soil as compost.

Crampton’s Cares will donate all the harvested fresh produce to a variety of local organizations to utilize or distribute to those in need.

Why do farmers choose to leave imperfect or excess produce? It’s simple…its not worth the valuable resources the farmer has to harvest anything they won’t be paid for. Most stores and consumers have been taught imperfect produce is bad, and won’t purchase it. This leads to needless food waste in Manitoba.

How can you help solve food waste?

When you, our customers donate* $1.00 online or in-store, Crampton’s Market will match it.

Your dollars go towards paying the farmer to harvest and deliver the fresh imperfect produce that we can then donate to those in need.

As a result of your donation we are certain we can reduce food waste and feed people in need in Manitoba.

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