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Freezing Asparagus for the Winter!

May 09, 2019
You can pickle or can asparagus for the winter, but I am much much too lazy for such things.  I'll freeze asparagus as it takes next to no effort. It's...

Sue's Fiddlehead or Asparagus Pasta

May 09, 2019
You have to love our customers.  They love food and cooking as much as I do, and they SHARE their recipes!! Here is Sue's fiddlehead pasta Sue’s Fiddlehead Pasta 2...

Asparagus Chevre Toast...an easy party pleaser

May 09, 2019
Grill your local asparagus as per my "Asparagus on the BBQ" recipe. Take one sliced ciabatta loaf from our bakery. Brush one side of the ciabatta with grape seed oil. ...

Asparagus on the BBQ

May 09, 2019
The only way I will eat asparagus is on the BBQ.  We make this dish at least 3 times a week during asparagus season. Heat your grill to high, then...

Erin's pasta sauce with frozen tomatoes.

May 09, 2019
This is how I make up my pasta in the winter.  Its fresh taste brings a blast of summer memories back. An hour or two before supper get 6 tomatoes...

The last CSA pickup for 2012!

It has been a busy, tiring whirl wind of a summer for Marc and I .  And I still can't believe that it's almost over.  How did this happen, where did September go? I'm so glad that you 49 wonderful customers joined us on our first CSA.  We will be sending out a survey this week that we hope you take the time to fill out.  We will be doubling our CSA program next summer, taking on some young new organic farmers, and convincing some of our traditional growers to move to a spray free method of production.  We are able to do this because of the CSA.  Guaranteed clients buying organic and spray free produce every week convince farmers to go organic.  For us to continue to influence farmers, we have to increase the size of our CSA.  For us to do this successfully, you need to tell us what you liked, what you didn't.  Where did we go wrong?  Where did we go right.  We realize that each of our CSA members will have different ideas, and that we won't be able to reach everyone's ideal.   We hope to glean a general trend or opinion out of the survey that will influence how it works next year. This week's CSA is filled with fun fall things.  Some of the items may need an explanation this week. The tall stick that looks like a strange Christmas tree are BRUSSEL SPROUTS!  To eat, simply cut the sprouts off of the stalk and roast or boil according to your family's tastes. The large green leafy thing with a bulbous end is CELERIAC, also known as rooted celery.  You can eat the tops just like regular celery.  The roots you peel.  Roast, boil, or slice thinly on salads. FLOWERS!  Most shares this week will be getting edible flowers (we didn't receive enough for all unfortunately).  These flowers are nasturtiums.  They have a spicy wasabi like flavour and are beautiful on salads or chocolate cupcakes.  If you got a leaf, yup, those are edible too.  The leaves will have a slightly spicier bite that the flowers. The cut squash.  Everyone gets a piece of the heritage blue pumpkin that we have been making our own pies out of.  Lower in moisture content, this squash makes delectable pumpkin pie.  Simply remove the cling film, roast or steam the squash until soft, then scoop out of the shell and use in your favourite pumpkin pie, cake, or muffin recipe.  We found roasting the squash cut side down in an inch or so of water works best for us. FULL SHARE THIS WEEK 1 large bag potatoes, spray free 1 butternut squash, spray free and LFP certified 1 acorn squash, spray free and LFP certified 1 spaghetti squash, spray free and LFP certified 1 piece heritage pumpkin, spray free and LFP certifed Onions, LFP certified and spray free 1 stalk brussel sprouts, spray free 1 stalk celeriac, spray free 3 lbs tomatoes, spray free and LFP certifed 1 bunch kale, spray free 1 pint cherry tomatoes, spray free 1 pack nasturtiums 1 pack basil   HALF SHARE 1 bag potatoes, spray free 1 butternut squash, spray free and LFP certified 1 spaghetti squash, spray free and LFP certified 1 piece hertiage pumpkin, spray free and LFP certified 1 stalk brussel sprouts, spray free onion, spray free and LFP certified Kale, spray free 2 lbs tomatoes, spray free and LFP certified 1 pint cherry tomatoes, spray free 1 pack basil 1 pack nasturtiums or Sage   I'm posting a new recipe on the recipe blog today for acorn squash with chili lime dressing.  I made it for the staff today and everyone loved it.  I usually find acorn squash boring as all get out.  Just search our recipe blog for "acorn squash" and you will be led to an easy and delectable side dish. www.cramptonsrecipes.com   Have a fabulous fall and winter!