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September 11, Produce CSA pick up

With this beautiful weather it's hard to believe that traditionally, the first killing frost of the season is around September 21st....only 10 days away!!!  Farmers are busily harvesting their tomatoes, squash and melons, and hoping that their later ripening squash get a chance to make it to market.   Fingers crossed for a late first frost, and in the mean time, let's enjoy this beautiful weather!

Full Share participants to receive at least 9 of the following items

cantaloupe, spray free

Kale, spray free

Purple potatoes, organic

Cabbage, organic

Lemon cucumbers, organic

Tomatoes, organic

Onion, organic

Jalapenos, organic

Patty pan squash, organic

Green peppers, organic


Half share to receive at least 7 of the following items

Cone shaped cabbage called caraflex, organic

Tomatoes, organic

Kale, spray free

lemon cucumbers, organic

Green peppers, organic

onions, organic

patty pan squash, organic

Jalapenos, organic

If it escaped your notice, let me point out that you have everything that you need in your CSA to make a small batch of salsa!!  Yes it is that time of year!

For a fresh salsa, also called pico de gallo, simply chop up your tomatoes, add a quarter onion, finely chopped  One, finely chopped jalapeno (less if you don't like spicy), add a big squeeze of lime juice and top with chopped cilantro.  This fabulous item is great as a taco topping or dip.  It's on every restaurant table in Mexico and should be here too!!  Those of you who also have a protein share will rejoice as we have cleverly included bison minute steaks and chicken breast to make up fajitas or tacos to use up you salsa inspiring produce CSA.!

The round yellow items that you have in a white paper bag are LEMON CUCUMBERS.  These are a heritage variety of cucumber that has a lemony zip to it.  Though they are fabulous on their own, I love them in a gin and tonic.  Just put a slice in the bottom of a glass in the morning, add a shot of gin, then when you get home from a hard day's work, you just need to add your tonic for a ready to go bevvie.

Having a party, or feeling more adventurous?  Try this wine cocktail from the ladies at Banville and Jones.  They even named it!  Crampton's Cup.

Crampton Cup


8 ounces Darnley€™s View London Dry Gin

4 ounces St. Germain Elderflower liqueur

4 ounces fresh lime juice

1 (750-ml) bottle of Oggi Pinot Grigio (Italy, $11.99)

1/2 cucumber, thinly sliced

Fresh mint leaves, for garnish

Stir the gin, elderflower liqueur and lime juice together in an ice-filled pitcher. Top with the white wine. Add the cucumber and mint leaves, for garnish.

Well doesn't that just sound divine!  Not into a cocktail?  Not to worry, the ladies have you covered!

The Domaine de Grachies would also pair nicely with many of the possible cabbage preparations but if you want to whip up something with a Bavarian flair then I suggest the Wittmann Dry Riesling from Germany.

At $28.99 it may seem like a splurge but trust me, this wine will win you over with its focused fruit, lively acidity and long, delicious finish.

I don€™t know about you but to me this sounds like fiesta time!

Celebrate the myriad of colours and flavours in this week€™s CSA by whipping up a South American feast.  Play up the spicy delicious of a bison fajita with a silky and savoury Carménère, such as the Ventisquero Grey, from Chile€™s Maipo Valley ($22.99).