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Freezing Asparagus for the Winter!

May 09, 2019
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Asparagus Chevre Toast...an easy party pleaser

May 09, 2019
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Asparagus on the BBQ

May 09, 2019
The only way I will eat asparagus is on the BBQ.  We make this dish at least 3 times a week during asparagus season. Heat your grill to high, then...

Erin's pasta sauce with frozen tomatoes.

May 09, 2019
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Fall CSA Pick Up October 20

Every week we'll post what will be in your CSA box on Mondays by noon. We put this list in order of perishability - so eat the items from the top down and take note of how to store each item as well for the longest life possible.

Both Produce and Combo boxes receive:

Chives, Spray Free A versatile herb - chives go with everything! Chop all of the root veggies in this week's box, add chopped chives, salt, pepper and olive oil, toss and roast in a 400 degree oven for about 45 minutes. Super easy and a great side dish to keep on hand in the fridge! Kale or Swiss Chard, Spray Free Oh, Kale and Chard, the vegetables that everyone loves to hate.  I love to eat them.  Our farmers love to grow them.  A fabulously tasty superfood, Kale, Chard and Collards are versatile.  You can chop them into salads, turn them into a wrap, or goma ae, or into a pesto.  I love greens for breakfast.  Here's How: Wash your greens.  Chop into pieces (if it's Kale remove the hard stem), sauté in butter, bacon fat or oil with garlic until wilted (collards take a little longer).  Season with salt and pepper and put on a plate.  Then fry an egg over-easy with a runny yolk (you could also poach the egg).  Slide the egg on top of your sautéed greens, prick the yolk and let it run all over the greens.  Eat it up!  So delicious. Store your greens in the crisper. Is it starting to wilt? Cut the bottom of the stem, soak in cold water for 20 minutes, wrap in a clean cotton cloth and put back in the fridge. Hothouse Tomatoes, Spray Free Our friend and grower Murray brings us the most beautiful hothouse tomatoes! If you're sad that the local season is over, you always have hothouse. Chop them into salads, put them on toast or just enjoy a slice with a tiny skiff of sea salt - yummy! Always store your tomatoes on the counter on top of a paper towel, never in the fridge! Peppers, Spray Free Y'know what's great stuffed in a pepper? Everything! You can't go wrong with ground meats, rice, quinoa, other veggies, herbs, whatever! Cut the top of your pepper off, hollow out the seeds, rub the pepper with olive oil inside and out. Fill with your favourite stuff, bake at 375 for about 30 minutes. Store your peppers in the crisper. Carrots, Spray Free Roast them with olive oil, honey and salt and pepper. Or chop them up with all of the veggies in this week's box to make a delicious roasted veggie side dish. Or try this carrot soup recipe: Roasted Carrot & Cumin Soup Beets, Spray Free Grate with carrots into a fresh salad or roast with your other root veggies - beets are a tasty and versatile vegetable when you get to know them. Store them in the crisper in a plastic bag, they should last you two-three weeks. Remove leaves before storing. Try one of our previous CSA week's recipes: Lemony Beet Hummus. Potatoes, Organic A tasty mixed bag- it's a surprise what you get! These potatoes are so versatile you can roast, boil or bake them and you can't go wrong. Store your potatoes in a cool, dry place - do not store them with apples or other fruit as it will cause them to sprout. Butternut or Butterkin Squash, Spray Free The most versatile and well known squash! Use it in our previous CSA recipe: Butternut Squash and Sage Mac & Cheese! Store your squash in a cool, dry place. Sugar (Pie) Pumpkin, Spray Free This variety has a lower water content than the typical carving pumpkin, so you get a dense, creamy filling! Go ahead and make pie or you could make yourself a tasty Spiced Apple & Pumpkin Crumble. That's what I'd do. Extra Bits With this CSA starting right after the store closes we have some bonus items that we wanted to add. These items are NOT included in the cost of your CSA.

Combo (Produce & Protein) boxes also receive:

Pike, Pike Patties or White Fish Pike- Also called Jack Fish, this pike is sustainably harvested near Puckatawagan Manitoba.  The cold clear Northern Manitoba lakes give this beautiful fish a fresh taste.  And the local indigenous people who are employed filleting the fish, have historical knowledge of how to get out all of those tricky bones.  This meaty fish is perfect chopped up, fried and put into a fish taco. If you receive the Pike Patties they are already seasoned and are delicious pan fried or baked. White Fish - Sustainably harvested near Puckatawagan Manitoba.   Yup, you have a whole fish.  Just let it thaw, remove from the package, give it a rinse and pat it dry.  Stuff the cavity with lemon slices, garlic, dill or whatever herbs you have.  Brush the exterior with oil, season with salt, pepper, and paprika.  I use toothpicks to hold the cavity closed, then put the whole fish in a 300 degree oven.  Cook for 10 minutes then flip.  Cook for another 10 before checking to see if the flesh is flakey and done.  Then check out this video as to how to remove the flesh from the bones.

Produce Only boxes also receive:

Horseradish, Spray Free Horseradish, as it is a root, will keep in your crisper for weeks, but it you wanted to make a sauce that will last for up to a year, here's how: Peel and finely shred the horseradish root, (it may make your eyes water like onions do), add a pinch of salt, pinch of sugar and enough white wine vinegar to make a paste (to the consistency you like) to bowl and mix well. Funnel into a clean jar and cap tightly. Use on steak, roast beef and roasted root veggies!