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CSA pickup July 25, 2012

Lee is in the biotech as I write this, packing up this week's CSA.  We're hoping for the rain that they are saying we'll get tonight.  If it does come it will be perfect timing, as none of your shares were harvested in the mud, but all of the growers desperately need the rain.

Tonight before you go to bed, please do a little rain dance for our Manitoba farmers!


Full Share, July 25, 2012.

Each bag will have a selection of 10 or more the following items

Carrot bunches, certified organic

Red onion bunch, certified organic

Zucchini, spray free

Radishes, spray free

Beet bunch, Local Food Plus certified and spray free

Garlic, spray free

Salad Cukes, Local Food Plus certified and spray free

Green Peppers, certified organic

Kale, spray free

Patty Pan squash, spray free

Strawberries, spray free

Basil, spray free

Sour Cherries, spray free

Lettuce, spray free


Half Share, July 25, 2012 Each half share will have a selection of 8 or more of the following items

Carrot bunch, certified organic

zucchini, local food plus certified and spray free

radish, spray free

garlic, spray free

salad cucumbers, local food plus certified and spray free

patty pan squash, spray free

green peppers, certified organic

broccoli rab, local food plus certified and spray free

chard, spray free

basil, spray free

sour cherries, spray free


The new and exciting item in this week's CSA are the patty pan squash.  They come in both yellow and green, look like little space ships and taste just like young zucchini.

To prepare, simply wash, trim off the stem end, and cook as you would zucchini.

You can toss them with olive oil, garlic salt and pepper and roast in the oven until soft and slightly brown.

You can grill them on the bbq until soft with caramelized bits, quarter and pan fry, or cut in half and broil until browned.

I like to use them with my grilled zucchini or patty pan squash and cherry tomatoes recipe.  That's what I'll be making with my patty pans tonight!