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CSA pick up July 24, 2013

I'm loving this summer for Produce.   Last summer was hot and fast.  Produce came in a hurry, and left in a flash.  Remember the 7 day strawberry season last year?  This summer is a much more leisurely pace for produce.  The strawberry season has been going for over 2 weeks and is still here (though it will be done soon).  Saskatoons are still going strong.  The raspberries have just started and the sour cherries have yet to make an appearance.  All of these items were GONE by this time last year.  The same holds true for the CSA.  Last year snow peas lasted less than a week, so they never made it to the CSA bags.  Lettuces had bolted and burned up in the heat by now.  I'll take the slightly slower pace of this growing season!

This week in your CSA bags.....

Full shares to receive at least 9 of the following items

Garlic scapes, chemical free

Sugar snap peas, organic

Cilantro, chemical free

Bunched beets, organic

bulk carrots, organic

Bunched leek, organic

Arugula, chemical free

leaf lettuce, organic

bulk onions, organic

Strawberries, chemical free

Half Shares to receive at least 7 of the following items

Sugar snap peas, organic

Parsley, organic

Bunched beets, organic

Bulk carrots, organic

Leek, organic

Leaf lettuce, organic

Garlic scapes, chemical free

Leek are a funny thing.  Most people who I quiz can only come up with Leek and potato soup as a culinary idea for leek.   You can do so many things with them though!  Grill them on the bbq, chop them paper thin to add to a salad, add them to a stir fry, roast them in the oven with endive or wrap them in prosciutto before baking.  When cooked leek become sweet and flavourful.  Give them a try!

You'll notice that the beets that you get are multicoloured.  Golden beets are slightly sweeter with less of an earthy taste than the red beets.  The candy cane beets in the bunch are striped red and white and make a beautiful salad when sliced thinly.  I prefer my beets raw, so if you are like me, just peel your bunched beets, then slice thinly on a mandolin to make a beautiful salad.

And once again the lovely Sommeliers from Banville and Jones have these suggestions.

Grilled leek on the bbq:

With this dish, try something with nice fruit, a round texture, but not too much acidity! One of our favourites is the Nord Sud Viognier from Laurent Miquel in the south of France ($17.99). Or something like the immensely popular Pinot Grigio, La Vis "Dipinti" Pinot Grigio from northern Italy ($16.99).

Stir fry with the snap peas and bison minute steaks A smooth red with a good fruit core is a lovely pair with bison. Try the lovely Catena "Alamos" Malbec from Argentina ($14.99), which compliments the bison without killing the peas! Or if you are treating yourself, try the "innocent bystander" Pinot Noir, a lovely medium bodied beauty from Australia, $23.99.