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Freezing Asparagus for the Winter!

May 09, 2019
You can pickle or can asparagus for the winter, but I am much much too lazy for such things.  I'll freeze asparagus as it takes next to no effort. It's...

Sue's Fiddlehead or Asparagus Pasta

May 09, 2019
You have to love our customers.  They love food and cooking as much as I do, and they SHARE their recipes!! Here is Sue's fiddlehead pasta Sue’s Fiddlehead Pasta 2...

Asparagus Chevre Toast...an easy party pleaser

May 09, 2019
Grill your local asparagus as per my "Asparagus on the BBQ" recipe. Take one sliced ciabatta loaf from our bakery. Brush one side of the ciabatta with grape seed oil. ...

Asparagus on the BBQ

May 09, 2019
The only way I will eat asparagus is on the BBQ.  We make this dish at least 3 times a week during asparagus season. Heat your grill to high, then...

Erin's pasta sauce with frozen tomatoes.

May 09, 2019
This is how I make up my pasta in the winter.  Its fresh taste brings a blast of summer memories back. An hour or two before supper get 6 tomatoes...

CSA pick up December 16th

I just love Christmas.  The events, the food, the fact that I can have a glass of port at an inappropriate time of the day and claim that it's 'Christmas Cheer!'  I love singing songs where I know all of the words (or at least the chorus), making big meals, celebrating with friends and family. I get that a lot of people have fallen out of love with Christmas, they feel it's too stressful.  I have a couple of unfair advantages.  1. I'm not religious, so I get to skip the multiple trips to church.  2. We don't have kids, so am not overwhelmed by numerous events that can get time consuming, and 3. I made a no gift pact with my family and friends about 12 years ago.  And we've all stuck to it.  With no holiday shopping to do, we get to spend all of our time hanging out, going skating, building a bonfire, making suppers for each other, having a cookie bake off.  We get all of the good stuff with none of the stress. If you're religious, you can't skip the church.  And I hear that it's frowned upon to give your kids away over the holidays. :) But we can all make the season a little more special by cutting down on the gift giving.  I do a lot of my shopping at thrift stores, and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of perfectly good 'stuff'' that people get rid of, because they have too much. If you're looking to cut down this holiday season, try a disappearing gift.  Food and soap that are two things that 'disappear'.  Once someone uses your gift up, they have nothing left in hand to go out of fashion or become obsolete.  Most parents that I know have their kids in a multitude of activities that cost money.  I enjoy paying for my niece and nephew's swimming lessons as a Christmas gift.  No shopping, no hassle. However you choose to celebrate the holiday season, I hope that you celebrate it with good friends, good family, and good food!!! This week's share to contain Tomatoes, spray free (the last of the fresh ones for the season) Lettuce, spray free Basil or arugula, spray free Kale, organic (the last of the season) Carrots, organic Onions, organic Garlic, spray free Frozen wild harvested high bush cranberries.  These cranberries have a seed in the middle.  So when making cranberry sauce, you'll have to cook up your cranberries, then pass them through a sieve to get rid of the seeds. (push the pulp through the sieve with the back of a spoon) My mom has one of those old cone shaped sieves with a wooden pestle.  We used to use it to process tomatoes, but it works well with these cranberries as well.   So before you do ANYTHING with your berries, make sure that you sieve the seeds out. Mixed shares to receive the above base as well as Wood smoked bison sausage.  This bison sausage is the best thing that I have ever eaten.  Raised and processed near Miami Manitoba, the clever butchers who make this sausage season it with nothing but salt, pepper and some brown sugar.  They use an old European technique of double grinding the meat, then slowly smoking it for hours.  The result is a flavourful sausage that is great on its own, in soups, on a bun, or cooked, cooled, then served cold on a meat and cheese platter.  This is a raw sausage that you must cook, but remember, bison meat is very lean.  Cook this sausage over low heat, or bake with other things in a moist environment.  Over cooking will result in a dry meat.  The sweet smoky flavour of the sausage will enhance so many dishes.  Roasting a chicken?  Chop up some of this sausage and add it to the pot for the last 15-20 minutes.  Making a soup?  Add small pieces of the raw sausage for the last 8 or so minutes of the simmering process. Veggie plus participants to receive the above base along with Organic Manitoba Wild Rice!  My good friend's mother in law is named Linda.  Linda is a 60something year old beautiful woman with a heart of gold and she's a genius in the kitchen.  My friend just adores his mother in law and so has lovingly nicknamed her 'Hot Linda'.  This is her recipe. Hot Linda's Rice .25 cup melted butter .5 cup wild rice rinsed 1 cup brown rice rinsed .5 cup slivered almonds .2 cup chopped onions .75 cup chopped mushrooms .25 cup chopped celery 3.5 cup chicken broth Fry onion, celery, almonds, mushrooms until golden Add rice, fry Add stock, get it boiling bake for about 1.5 hours at 320   Veggie only participants to receive the above base along with... Beets, organic Spaghetti squash, spray free heirloom variety Apple leather, spray free