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Asparagus on the BBQ

May 09, 2019
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May 09, 2019
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1st Produce Share of 2013!

How exciting!  The deliveries have all been made, and we are getting ready to pack up the first CSA of 2013!!!! 2 Things happened this week to make me realize just how important this program is for Manitoba. 1. I had a conversation with one of our organic producers who lost all of his carrots to irregular rain fall.  He has had to purchase new organic carrot seeds, re seed, that and the late spring is stretching his pocketbook.  He was down in the dumps and rethinking the decision to farm.  "Farming doesn't seem to be as much fun as I thought it could be, a lot of stress and the reward doesn't warrant the risk."  I let him know that because of our CSA, we are on board to purchase whatever he has, at whatever price he has to charge to make a profit.  Being able to tell farmers that we are able to purchase their produce at a fair price is a huge deal.  It's what will keep farmers growing organically. 2. I had a conversation with a customer who happens also to be a professor of agro-ecology at the University of Manitoba.  He said that his students have recently started collecting rainfall samples in Manitoba and testing it for chemicals.  The most commonly occurring chemical they are finding in rainfall?  glyphosate  What is glyphosate?  ROUND UP!  Round up is the Monsanto brand name for the chemical glyphosate which is a broad spectrum herbicide.  It kills all greenery that you spray it on.  So much Round Up is being used in conventional farming that it has entered our atmosphere and is being rained down in small doses.  All I could think was "What have we done?"  Marc and I don't have kids, but I am greatly concerned for my little niece and nephew's generation.  How much glyphosate will be raining down 30 years from now when they are thinking about having kids?  Will it ever be in concentrations high enough for rain to kill plant life?  I don't know.  But it makes me even MORE proud of our organic and spray free CSA, and of YOU, our 101 participants who have made the choice to commit to organic and chemical free farming in our province. Now for the good stuff!! Full Share!   Each Full Share will contain a minimum of 10 of the following items.

Romaine Lettuce (organic)

Leaf Lettuce (organic)

Green Kale (organic)

Red Kale (organic)

Bunched Beets (chemical free)

Green Pepper (from a hot house, chemical free)

zucchini (chemical free)

Green onion (chemical free)

Rhubarb (chemical free)

Cilantro (chemical free)

Garlic Scapes (chemical free)

Strawberries (from a greenhouse, chemical free)

Honey, raw and unpasturized

Half  Share.  Each half share to contain a minimum of 6 of the following items

Green Kale (organic)

Romaine (organic)

Leaf Lettuce (organic)

Purple pepper (hot house grown, chemical free)

Garlic scapes (chemical free)

strawberries (hothouse grown, chemical free)

Cilantro (chemical free)

Strawberries (hothouse grown, chemical free)

WHAT ARE GARLIC SCAPES?  Scapes are the flower stalk that grows from a head of hard necked garlic.  When harvested fresh, they are fabulous used raw like you would use garlic, they have a garlicky green onion taste and are fabulous boiled with beans, fried, or blended to make pesto, salad dressing, or aioli!  All of those recipes are available on our blog!

Please visit our recipe blog www.cramptonsrecipes.com for a fabulous recipe that uses the cilantro from your produce share to make spicy vietnamese bbq chicken legs.  The garlic scapes to make a mean caesar dressing to go with a bacon topped caesar salad with the romaine that is in the produce share.  www.cramptonsrecipes.com Wondering what wine would go well with your CSA this week? The below choices are made by two of Banville & Jones' Sommeliers. They love good wine like we love good food.
-a Caesar salad with the romaine, garlic scapes and bacon --pair with the Bon Courage Unwooded Chardonnay from South Africa, $14.99 --or a lovely white from the Fiano grape variety, the Menhir Fiano, $18.99-BBQ thai chicken drumsticks with the chicken and cilantro -- pair with the Bouchard Finlayson Blanc de Mer from South Africa, a delicious white blend, $22.99 -- or a medium-bodied red from Italy's south, the Rasciatano Nero d'Troia,  $12.99
- a honey garlic salad dressing with the honey and scapes to go with the leaf lettuce. --pair with a slightly fizzy, delicious white from a small Italian producer who we know and love, the Callegaro Francesca Antichi Reassi Pinello (16.99) -- or toss your strawberries in with the greens and enjoy your salad with a dry Spanish rosè, such as the Lo Nuestro Garnacha at $13.99