Local Tomato BLAT for many!

You have people over for lunch, what to do? Cook up 8-12 strips of Berkshire Bacon, or our Natural Bacon. Slice up 2 large St. Anne’s Tomatoes Wash and pat dry 4 lettuce leaves Mix up the flesh of one-2 avocados with the juice of one lime Take one Ciabatta loaf from our bakery.  Slice it in half to make…


Local Tomato BLAT

The regular old BLT may hold some charm, but when the local hot house tomatoes come in, it’s truly reason to celebrate.  They have TASTE!!! The Best BLAT Slice up one big St. Anne’s Hot house tomato Fry up 3-4 strips of either berkshire pork bacon, or our Naturally raised pork bacon, drain While the bacon is cooking, scoop out…

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