Bison, Beef, Elk and Lamb/CSA Recipes Week 12/Tomatoes

Easy Crockpot Chili

2 TBSP olive oil 2 medium onions, diced 1 bell pepper, diced 3 cloves garlic, minced 2 lb ground beef 2 TBSP chili powder 1 can diced tomatoes (or chopped fresh tomatoes) 1 can tomato sauce 1 can red kidney beans 1 can mixed beans salt and pepper Heat olive oil in a medium skillet. Cook onions, bell pepper and…

Bison, Beef, Elk and Lamb

Elk Flat Iron Steak taco meat

Flat iron steak is a fabulously flavourful cut, that can have a bit of a chew if you don’t prepare it properly.  Its flavour and texture is perfect in a taco. Taco steak marinade -The juice of one lime -One chopped Jalapeno -2 cloves minced garlic. Marinade your steak for 30-60 minutes in the above mixture Bring your steak to…

Bison, Beef, Elk and Lamb

Bison or Beef korean BBQ ribs

I had my butcher cut the last bison and grass fed beef’s short ribs across the bone in thin strips.  These Korean BBQ ribs are FABULOUS.  Marc and I had them for supper last night and I really can’t believe that we charge so little for them.  The toughest cheapest cuts are ALWAYS the most flavourful and tender, if you…

Bison, Beef, Elk and Lamb

Bison and Elk Roasts

Slow down!  Chill out!  and Take a Dip.  If you do these 3 things, you’ll end up with the BEST red meat roasts around. Bison and elk are very lean meats, so you must be certain to take 3 steps to a great roast. 1. Slow down. You’re cooking time will be a little bit longer with a grass fed…

Bison, Beef, Elk and Lamb

Bison and Elk Steaks

Bison and Elk. grass fed, native to our prairie landscape, lean, healthy and just plain delicious…if cooked properly Tenderloin, Rib steak, Rib eye, New York Stip steak, and Sirloin steaks can all follow this method of preperation. 1. Thaw your bison/elk steak and bring it to room temperature. 2. Season your steak with whatever seasoning you like.  Bison and elk…

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